Welcome To Sports Fans Of America

We aim to provide sports fans, fitness fans, and fans of the outdoors or other hobby enthusiasts with the best product reviews from a range of topics. Covering anything from soccer nets to basketball hoops or gym bags to mini beer fridges for after the game, we aim to give you all the information you require when making important purchases online.

I (Mick), plan on reviewing as many awesome sports products as possible in the coming months as sport is a massive passion of mine. I’m a soccer fan in particular and I’m grateful we’ve had the opportunity to be graced by such talents from Europe over the years whilst bolstering our homegrown talent and getting the infrastructure in place to compete on a world stage.

As time grows on and this site develops, I’ll be updating this homepage with the latest buying guides, product advice, technical reviews and gift ideas for the Christmas holidays that you can share with your family and friends.

Sport brings the world together, and we’re lucky in the states to have some sports that inspire a global audience. Let me know where you’re from in the comments on each page, it’s always great to meet a fellow sports fan!

~ Mick.